Video Marketing

Video Presentation

Video Presentation – $700

This affordable video package is the perfect way to showcase  your business through social media, websites, or even TV!

All videos come with the following:

  • Professional actor voice over of key points
  • Royalty free music background to generate a sense of feeling to your audience
  • High resolution pictures relevant to your company strategically placed to compliment the voice over.
  • Script writing/editing assistance.

On Site Commercial – $2,500+

Make an impact with your customers by showing your business in action! From onsite filming of your company’s operations, to custom commercials with professional actors, props and scripts.


  • Custom script developed by a professional writer/producer
  • Storyboard creation of commercial including an setting/location, shots and angles


  • Highly skilled actors filmed on camera at determined setting
  • Lighting and props included to ensure picture perfect quality

Post Production

  • Edited to best represents your company
  • Royalty free music to enhance viewing experience
  • Digital and hard copy created, and loaded onto YouTube for easy sharing and credibility

Live Event Promo

Have your next event professionally filmed and highlighted.

Cost depends on location, event duration, etc. – Call for a FREE quote